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Recipes, warehouse, kitchen production, internal and external purchasing, HACCP, traceability, training and personalized work instructions in one system

smartTONi is a system for standardized and semi-automated management and scaling of catering businesses and central kitchens. Recipes, purchasing, warehouse, kitchen: all production processes are digitally integrated and always geared towards compliance with the stored recipes. The system assigns individual orders to employees or workstations in real time during operation, and automatically records completed work steps with the associated data.

So that you can produce consistent quality anytime and anywhere, digitally multiply knowledge and expertise and coordinate your resources with digital perfection.

Kitchen management

Who is smartTONi?

  • Eight fields in one system

Designed to meet the high demands of the catering industry, smartTONi provides you with the tools and all the necessary data for standardized and cost-conscious management of catering establishments and commercial kitchens. Divided into 8 areas, the system controls the operating processes in your back of house and front of house centrally, and according to your specifications - regardless of their size.

You manage your recipes and processes centrally; your employees only buy what they need at the click of a button; stock levels are updated automatically; your kitchens produce highly efficiently thanks to fully integrated processes, and design their range of products in a highly flexible way, sometimes even automatically; you can fulfil HACCP or traceability requirements at any time and without paper; you can create internal training courses or other necessary checks and checklists in no time at all.

  • Independence and further development

smartTONi makes you independent. As an app, your employees always carry it with them or use it as an order display at a kitchen station. By controlling personalized work instructions, it navigates your employees continuously and in real time, what, where & how to do next - always coordinated with the rest of their colleagues. The system automatically records all completed work steps together with the corresponding data and sensor values. As an optional on-premise system, instead of a cloud-based, you determine the stability and speed yourself, and are completely independent of internet and cloud providers.

The system is easy to extend: for the control of hardware in coordination with production or for the integration and development of additional software. For enterprise requirements, the dual licence model is available for the further development of customer-specific requirements.

  • For the catering

smartTONi is tailored to the needs of system catering and franchising, ghost and cloud kitchens, central kitchens and kitchen networks, as well as individual restaurants.



Recipe book

Whether single or multi-brand operation: here, you control the flavour and quality of your food centrally, and you can develop your recipes to perfection

Recipe management

Manage raw materials

Everything that a head office or branch purchases externally (whether internal or external to the company) can be managed centrally: ingredients, semi- finished products, substitutes, packaging, pricing or delivery conditions.

Store recipes

From the simple input of ingredients and quantities to enable automatic calculations and orders, to the detailed recording of the recipe process, for quality and training purposes or for the automatic control of connected appliances: Here you continuously optimize your food concept according to your needs and level of detail. You can specify cooking times or responsible cooking stations, define plate preparation and much more.

Define cuisine flexibility

You define how flexibly your dish can be cooked: which ingredients or sub-recipes count as substitutes, which portion sizes you allow, which control points must be in place, etc., and you can do this company-wide or per store.

Actual food costs

The system collates the data and calculates the recipe costs autonomously. The actual production times and the actual weight loss during preparation are automatically recorded and considered.



No more overstocking or understocking. smartTONi automatically suggests what you need and when. You order with one click


Order lists

Based on your stock levels, recipes and production orders, you automatically receive order proposals that you can easily customize and trigger with a single click.

Internal and external orders 

smartTONi does not differentiate between internal and external suppliers. Depending on the season, you can produce certain recipes yourself or purchase them externally - the ordering process is the same and automated in both cases.

Order with foresight

smartTONi monitors stock levels based on recipes and stored processes. Your kitchen team places orders based on real-time data from the warehouse. This means you know before you have used an ingredient today that you should reorder it for tomorrow.

Minimum and target inventory 

You can set minimum or target stock levels for ingredients or recipes that you need on a regular basis: the required quantities are automatically reordered. This also works for complex warehouse architectures with many interim storage locations.

No more errors in procurement

No more excessive food costs: you can continuously review your ordering process and identify potential for improvement, across all locations and with clear roles and responsibilities.


Stocktaking and ordering are conveniently carried out via the smartTONi app with or without a barcode scanner.


(central kitchen)

Centrally control your cross-location production with constant and efficient kitchen preparation according to your recipes, regardless of who is cooking and where

smartTONi system
Raw materials kitchen system

You only plan the end product

You enter the dishes and the number of portions and smartTONi automatically controls the entire production process (allocation to stations, timing, ingredients, sub-recipes, etc.).

Order planning becomes a breeze

All internal and external orders are automatically consolidated and the resulting order queue is continuously updated with new incoming orders.

Individual navigation for all employees

Your chefs are individually supported with AI assistance. They are supported step by step through the cooking process in real time, as required and customizable: with information on what to do next, when, how and where. This provides you with a versatile tool, especially when training new employees, introducing new recipes or for quality control.

Coordinated production, purchasing and warehouse

System purchasing is based on current stock levels. Ingredients that are not available are reordered as quickly as possible and the preparation time in the kitchen is automatically synchronized with the delivery. This means that ingredients are always available when they are needed and interruptions are minimized.

No dish leaves the kitchen cold

Each individual preparation order between the cooking stations is permanently time-coordinated so that all the individual ingredients for the final dish are ready at the same time.

In-/ Outsourcing

Switch the production of formulations or partial formulations from in-house production to outsourcing easily and across locations.

Individual assignment

You can assign tasks and responsibilities to employees individually: To benefit from expertise, to develop skills or simply so that everyone knows what they have to do.

Optimally utilized preparation

smartTONi assigns the orders individually to the cooking stations and employees, analyses the progress and automatically coordinates the requirements between the kitchen areas.

KDS for cooking station or individually per employee

The orders for each kitchen station can be shown on the display per station (KDS) or individually per employee.

Bundling of orders

Homogeneous preparation orders from different stations or recipes, which can be completed in one step, or pick-up orders from the warehouse are automatically summarized and coordinated by the system in terms of quantity and time.


Automatic communication

The work progress between spatially separated kitchen stations or between kitchens, if you operate several kitchens at one location, is constantly monitored, the mutual requirements are continuously and automatically determined and communicated by the system (e.g. cold kitchen must deliver tartare for the service kitchen).

Print with intelligence

When filling, temporarily storing, weighing, or packing, you can print the right label at the end of your order with just one click - smartTONi automatically provides the right label at the right time for printing, without searching or wasting time.

Produce smoothly and on time

You forward each order to production with a deadline. smartTONi calculates the optimum production period and automatically orders production at the appropriate time.


Adding up was yesterday

All orders contain the required quantities of ingredients, cooking times with alarm functions and connection to printer management (if required). With each order, your employees receive all needed information individually, automatically preadded and calculated.



See your stock levels per raw material and storage - automatically updated and always in real time. All necessary manual adjustments are documented to make errors visible


Control of incoming goods

Stock receipt is confirmed with one click in the app, any returns are recorded directly in the app.

Control of outcoming goods

Outgoing stock is automatically recorded in kitchens when the order is started, otherwise by scanner or manually in the app.


Required inventories are super-fast and flexible: thanks to barcode scanners and/or direct customization in the app.

Target and minimum inventory

Store target or minimum stock levels for each item: In combination with automatic purchasing, you always have the ideal stock level and do not run into bottlenecks.

Flexible warehouse management

You can create and manage different warehouses: For raw materials, mise en place products or opened containers for the kitchen. Stock is created and removed automatically.

Food shrinkage

With the analyses from Business Analytics, you can minimize food shrinkage: when, where and after/before which process inaccuracies occurred, and derive countermeasures from this.

Company-wide overview

For multi-branch operations, you have an overview of all warehouses and can analyse the entire group stock.

Integrated with production

The stock levels are fully integrated in your recipes and in the production plan.

Roles and responsibilities

Assign user rights per individual functionality to avoid human error and take countermeasures.


Offers and connected kitchens

Utilize the capacities of your kitchen and the synergies with third-party kitchens: Simply create offers for external and internal customers and enable organized ordering for everyone. Ordering, production and delivery are automatically coordinated

smart offer kitchen
SmartTONi system

Customized offers without effort

At the touch of a button, your kitchen creates customized offers for different internal or external customers, as well as for online shops or vending machines.

Only articles that can be produced on offer

smartTONi automatically manages the actual availability of the individual dishes in real time and adjusts the offer accordingly.

Price level

In terms of price, each customer has his own conditions, which you can set and confirm with a click.

Consolidated for production

The customer orders are automatically consolidated and integrated into the existing production orders.

Customized production with standardized processes

Customized recipes, customized containers, customized portions: You can produce everything worry-free. To ensure that the production of customized items runs smoothly, countless sub-processes must be perfectly coordinated - smartTONi achieves this through fully integrated processes and their automatic control.

Limited time offers

You can set the time availability of offers as you wish.

Just simple for your customers

The entire ordering process for your customers is very simple and possible via app and web.


Front of House
(point of sale)

smartTONi uses its POS system to create unique customer experiences by bringing the kitchen to the guests. Who better to advise your customers than the kitchen team in charge?

Digitalisieren Restaurant

Customer promise

The quality of the front of house depends largely on the interaction with the back of house. The smartTONi POS system networks the kitchen, warehouse and service. All work processes are automatically synchronized in real time.

Detailed knowledge in service

The kitchen's knowledge of products, preparation and availability is always available to the service staff in real time. If a guest asks for the recipe, the service staff have the answer immediately. If the kitchen runs out of risotto, the service staff are already informed. As soon as the order is ready in the kitchen, the service is ready for picking up.

Demanding customer requests

The service can record a wide variety of customer requests to the kitchen: Each individual chef always knows which order he is currently preparing. This allows them to fulfil individual orders precisely at his cooking station and without consulting the kitchen team.


Customer experience

The dovetailing of front and back of house enables a redesign of the customer offer. The integration of hardware, e.g. service robots or virtual reality systems, can create innovative experiences for guests.


Business Analytics

All your data belongs ONLY to you: Monitor developments, recognize deviations and support your employees in taking the right measures

Digitize kitchen

All data

You can receive an extract of all the data you generate in the system and analyze it yourself.


Predefined reports are up-to-date and available at the touch of a button.


Carry out benchmarks between locations, teams or individual employees.


Visualize developments, create KPIs, track deviations and support your decisions.


Recognize weak points or undesirable trends quickly so that you can take countermeasures in good time.


Personalized work instructions - navigation for every employee

The basis of all smartTONi solutions is TON: Task Operation Network. Each process that you store can be divided into any number of individual work steps (tasks). Each individual task can be assigned a time and location. Each task can be enriched with audio, video or image information and assigned to a specific responsibility (e.g. cooking station or "Gardemanger").

During operation, each cooking station or the "Gardemanger" automatically receives his personal tasks in constant coordination with all ongoing orders from the other employees, which navigate him individually through the operation based on the stored audio, video or image information: what he has to do when, how and where.

This can also be used to map new, customized processes. Some standard processes are available, and you can develop others yourself or together with us

HACCP - centralized planning and monitoring with local control and logging

You define the critical control points. You create the tasks to be completed, the time frame and assign them to the responsible employees. Thanks to smartTONi, your employees know what they have to do at the planned time. All activities are documented and archived automatically in the cloud. You check the deviations and initiate countermeasures.

Internal trainings

With smartTONi, you can easily create learning content tailored to your recipes and processes, e.g. for the introduction of new employees, new products or procedures and standards. You can create these yourself using text, audio or video and make them available to your employees as on-the-job training or from any location.


Traceability - for kitchen products that are not intended for immediate consumption

You can track your supply chain from the scanning of incoming goods to the automatic creation of your own unique batch numbers during packing or repacking, through to the subsequent logistics of storage and delivery. This allows you to trace each individual ingredient of the final product back to all its suppliers and other batches in which it was used or, in the case of delivery to the end customer, to the delivery dates. You can comply with regulations and reduce recall costs.

Individual task management and checklists

Specific tasks, tedious but extremely useful checklists - you can create everything you need yourself with text, audio and video. You define where and when it should be done or viewed during ongoing operations and then release it as a standard process or individually to employees for implementation. And you can do this throughout the entire organization: in the front of house as well as in the back of house, also depending on each other.


to achieve all your goals



smartTONi is a system for standardized and semi-automated management of catering operations and central kitchens. It enables automated real-time and individualized communication with every team member in the kitchen and service. Its task management functionality organizes each work process into individual work steps and simultaneously coordinates all ongoing processes in the kitchen. It is therefore designed for the connection and control of appliances, robotics or sensor technology. If you are planning to digitize or automate existing or develop new solutions in your restaurant, smartTONi is the right technology for you.

Also designed for:
•    Connection of kitchen appliances
•    Control of kitchens and service robots
•    Plug-ins for additional requirement



With our open APIs, you can quickly integrate all the applications and systems you need. Some applications are already integrated, others will follow, and we would also be happy to take a look at the applications you are already using together.


Already fully integrated solutions:
•    POS system
•    Order app
•    Online shop

download (1).png

Enterprise version

With smartTONi as the operating system for the standardized and semi-automated management of catering establishments, add-on apps can be easily programmed, hardware can be controlled in coordination with production and new solutions can be developed. Thanks to the dual license model, the existing system can be used immediately and interested customers can further develop their own requirements on smartTONi.

You can realize your idea alone or together with us: Together with our interdisciplinary partners, we are happy to support you.


to optimize repeating activities in the kitchen

Sensor Solutions

smartTHEke: Real-time measurement of scoop weight at hot food and ice cream counters

We can easily equip your counter with power and light sensors, AI algorithms and the smartTONi app without any conversion work. For example, when an order is placed online, the ingredients required for a pizza or bowl are illuminated at your ordering station (counter). The portions and the weight removed are automatically displayed to the chef in real time. The required labels/receipts are printed out automatically.

Simple but powerful: always the right portion size, always the right ingredients and always incredibly fast.


Creative station for recording of recipe

The creative station for recording of recipe is an extremely user-friendly tool that automates the capture of consistent recipes. The solution consists of a scale with artificial intelligence that can be used as a work surface, a scanner and the smartTONi app. A small innovation with a big impact: with this intelligent recording station, ingredients, weight, individual recipe steps and their times are automatically recorded and seamlessly transferred to smartTONi. It has never been so easy to document your creative recipes for direct implementation in the kitchen or for connection to hardware.


For rising start-ups, expanding labels and established brands that want to increase their operational efficiency and further expand their success, as well as for large restaurant operators who want to drive growth on a grand scale.

Thanks to the dual license model, smartTONi can be used immediately. At the same time, interested customers can further develop and customize their specific requirements in the smartTONi platform.

All prices exclude VAT.


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