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data protection

1. What is data protection?

Data protection refers to the protection of personal data. As software developers, we understand the importance of data protection and are committed to ensuring that the data provided by our users is safe and secure.

2. Why is data protection important?

Data protection is important to protect the privacy and rights of users. It's about ensuring that personal data is not misused and that users remain in control of their data.

3. What data do we process?

As software developers, we process data related to our portfolio. This can e.g. B. include the processing of recipes, menus, inventory, production data, purchasing data, HACCP, traceability and training data. We only process the data that is necessary to provide our services.

4. How do we protect our users’ data?

We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect our users' personal data. These include, for example: B. the use of encryption technologies, secure server infrastructures and regular security audits. We also comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

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